AMPAK Cargo Privacy & Policy
It is the entire responsibility of AMPAK Cargo to ensure that your privacy is protected and will not undergo any misuse purposes. When you use our services as a registered user and visit our site, then there we may collect the information impersonal to you, such as the domain name and the name of the web page from where you entered the site, how much you stay on each page and your IP address. We use this information for the maintenance and improvement of the site performance. We may also ask for your name, contact, date of birth, billing and shipping addresses, and relevant product information. Our terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. We will notify you in case of any modification, amendment, or implementation of the new policy through our official website.

Data Retention and Protection will not store all your personal information permanently. It is limited to a short period and will be removed after achieving the required purpose or as required under applicable retention policies or applicable law. What are customers’ rights for their sensitive information given to us? The users can have the following rights:

Access, correction, and deletion of an account
Request the transmission of the personal information to its owner or another company
Report to any misuse or disclosures of your data
Request to restrict processing of your Personal Information, in each case, following applicable law.
Request permanent deletion of your sensitive data.
Payment Method
Acceptable methods of payment include PayPal. Bank Account and local payment methods or credited funds available on your account.

Refund Policy will only accept the refund claim when the client can send the proof file, including delivery details and multiple pictures of defective products at different angles. Verified details of pre-opened packaging and missing items on the spot of receiving delivery. Order Cancelation/Changes Once the billing and shipping addresses are confirmed, and the delivery is processed, we may not cancel it. You are responsible for any loss or unmatched details provided from your end after final approval.

Order Arrival
You will get transactional emails about your delivery. We will chase your delivery and will update you when it is on its designated shipping address. Terms and Condition Before activating Member’s account and using our services, recommends you to read and accept this agreement as outlined in the following Terms and Conditions and the members’ confirmation for to charge from the selected payment method. Member also consents to Privacy Policy as outlined above. reserves the right, and its sole discretion, to change, modify, or alter these terms and conditions at any stage.

User Instructions
It is essential to agree with the following instructions before using our services:

Avoid publishing, posting, advertising, distributing, disseminating, or uploading the violation of privacy rights and publicity of others.
Information causing infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property rights, or any rights to privacy or publicity, of any other person.
Any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, abusive, offensive, inflammatory, objectionable, or unlawful material or information exceeds company guidelines.
Violates the legal rights of any other person or that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable laws or regulations or that otherwise may be in conflict with these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy.
Files containing viruses
You cannot delete or modify any author attributions, legal notices, or proprietary designations or labels.
Not allowed to falsify the origin or source of information or material published, posted, advertised, distributed, disseminated, or uploaded.
Prohibited to download any material or information published, posted, distributed, disseminated, or uploaded by another user that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally distributed in such a manner.
Terms of Services provides easy access to get the best quality of services.

AMPAK Cargo does not act as an indirect air carrier of the property but instead acts as an agent of the shipper (i.e., Members). Representatives of the company will open all packages received by Ampakcargo. Members are responsible for all import obligations in the country to which all mail (for a Premium Mail Member-only) and packages will send.
Ii) Prohibited and Restricted Items

There we have listed a non-exclusive sampling of items that are restricted and cannot be shipped. However, depending on your destination country, it may either require an import license, additional documentation, and/or cause problems and delays during the customs review of your shipment:

We have an abundant number of trusted clients who are taking benefits from our services. Our mission is to build long-term business relations with our customers. We ensure that your merchandise or mail will remain protected and secure during the journey to their intended destinations. The shipping or mailing item(s) comply with the policies and regulations described in the above sections.

Acceptance of Terms and Condition
Government documents, identity cards, and licenses or items like uniforms and badges or patches designed for government officials.
Prescription and/or veterinary medication
Cash, currency, money orders, cashiers’ checks, bank drafts, bearer bonds, and collectible coins and stamps. Jewelry and precious stones are restricted to some countries and need to ensure before any shipment.
Excessive metal items like firearms, weaponry and their parts: military, police, and tactical equipment of any kind, and other restraints, surveillance equipment.
Hazardous, explosive, combustible, and/or flammable materials
Pressurized cans.
Agricultural products such as tobacco, plants, and seeds (restricted to some destinations)
Perishable foods (refrigerated, frozen, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.)
The recipient of any items consolidated by is the end-user of any goods and mail requested by the Member to export through a freight carrier to the recipient’s address. If the Member is reselling the item(s), the Member can identify the end-users and provide with any requested information about such end-users.

Merchandise and mail that consolidate the Member requests will use in the country to which the member requests shipment

Also, acknowledge that you will serve as the importer of record into the destination country for all transactions conducted using the services of You are responsible for complying with all import obligations or license requirements of the destination country.
The Member is considered responsible for warrants their compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including, but not limited to, the import and export laws and government legislative regulations of any country to, from, though, or over which the Member’s shipping delivery may carry out. This entire responsibility determines and meets any applicable import and export obligations and license requirements of both transaction and final destination country.

The Member represents and warrants that will conduct all its activities in compliance with applicable laws governing the export, import, and provision of goods and services in Pakistan and the jurisdictions in which the Member resides, operates or receives shipments. (Additional information about the items you can and cannot have processed by is available on our prohibited and restricted items page.)
The Member represents and warrants that:
Members accept that freight forwarders and/or carriers reserve the right to open and/or inspect every shipment tendered to forwarders and pages on behalf of an Access Local or United States Member Compliance with Laws

Export and Import Laws
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